Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Current

Well the plan has drastically changed, of course. 

We aren't going to Europe right now. It's just not time. 

Portland in two months. Yes, I am leaving Memphis in two months and I can barely wait. Navin and I are driving cross country with my two cats. Adventure?

My job is great but I am miserable. My brain is mush. 

I was going to go to Pacific Northwest College of Art, but that's $28,000 a year, and scholarships are tough. I would go for it, if I had a guaranteed career. But... I don't. So now we're moving to Portland in March, and Navin's going to attend Portland State in September. I'm going to wait a year to qualify for in-state tuition ($7,000 a year) and then I'm going to (probably) go to Portland State. I need my education! I need to be pushed. And I don't want to be forty-two working at a sandwich shop, I want to be doing something where my mind is at work, not just my hands. 

I found a kitten, and I kept her. That was a while ago. Her name is Elliot. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Fireside Chat, with Navin Gallimore

Ah, hello there. I've been wondering when you would come around...
You may remember me from some of the more famous blog post here. Specifically the one titled Just Another Inconspicuous Post. I also appeared indirectly in a few other post, such as the popular The Last Day of Highschool, and one of my personal favorites, 18.

That's correct, I am Navin Gallimore. But I haven't brought you here to this fireside chat just so I can idly commemorate myself. I wanted to discuss some important issues with you.

The first issue to discuss is one that not only personally involves me, but also affects you! I speak of, of course, the question that rings through all of our heads: Why the hell aren't we colonizing in the far reaches of space? I know that this is a difficult issue to address, for we are all at blame for the shortcomings of any programs to explore the true final frontier. But I plan to end those uncomfortable feelings of negligence and failure with this little chat. I have not come here to reprimand you, but rather to spur you on; so that with the proper renewal of motivation and pride, we can accomplish great things. Like, say, building a moon base. And an orbiting space station with the sole purpose of housing a free fall laser tag complex. On that note, I would like to congratulate a certain Mr. Card for his recent commission to design such a complex.
But I digress.
There's really no reason why we can't buckle down, put on our big boy engineer overalls, and solve some practical problems. We can study the purview of the conundrums of philosophy while free falling in space, but we can't do that while our space programs are structurally superfluous. What I ask of you to do, at your soonest possible convenience, is to pick up your smart phone, Google your senator's and congressman's number, give him a call, and ask "Why the hell aren't we colonizing in the far reaches of space?" Maybe get a little angry while you say it, make that politician know you are serious.
Now, about those other issues I mentioned earlier... Let me see, I know I kept that list around here somewhere...
Ah! Alright, I've got something about how we work a lot, JG and I could use some people to hang out with, umm...something about traveling in a few more months and a travel blog...aaaaaaand that's all I guess.
Yeah, all that stuff is just details. The real issue here is getting to space as soon as possible. Seriously, laser tag in space.
Oop! Thought of a slogan: Space is the Place to Chase, 2012.
That's good.
Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this little fireside chat as much as I did. It's always a pleasure to appear here at JG's blog, and I can't wait for the next time we can have another chat.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What's been going on?

I am trapped in a vortex of work! I have the best job in the world, I just work so much. In reality, it's not that much, but man, it's tiring. I usually work a five hour shift, sometimes more. If I work in the day, there are these huge rushes of people on their lunch breaks. Just continuous sandwich making. Nonstop ringing of the phone: "Hello, Kwik Chek." Believe me, it's an honor, and a fantastic job, we're just having a scheduling dilemma at work.

A new guy has been hired to ease my hours, but ha! he can only work three nights a week. Who picks up his meant-to-be shifts? Me. So mission: unsuccessful.

I used to be the night girl. It was a great routine. Came in at five, stayed til closing. Dishes, mopping, all while servicing hungry people. Then I was the day girl. I came in at eleven, and I just went at it. Four o'clock felt as if it was weeks away. When it finally came around, my brain was blurry but I had the rest of the day. Right now, I'm a weird mix-breed of the two. On random days I am asked to work 11-6. I witness the shift change, which is torture. I mean, can you imagine wanting to go home so badly, and when your coworker is relieved of duty, you've still got two hours to go?

Being the night girl was my favorite. The difference between day and night is simple; in the day long streams of orders cause time to move slowly, whereas at night, time moves quickly when you're busy. But honestly, I just want to go back being one girl. Day or Night. The first half of the week I'm day and night, and the second half I'm just night! Sorry internal clock.

This week should be better. I really enjoy my job, it's just taxing.

In other news, all I do is work! And watch How I Met Your Mother. Really fantastic show. Today I did something new; I played with kittens. Also I started my Portfolio Development art class! It's fun. Saturday we went to the zoo, and drew birds. Many tourists complemented my birdie, which made me feel good. I really hope I get into PNCA.

I've also decided to dive into new music. Resetting my entire ipod. Modest Mouse, I love you dearly, but we need space right now. I want our love to last.

I've been sitting here, playing Pandora, getting each song I fancy. So exciting.

So that's basically what's going on. My Europe trip is five months away! Can't wait til this blog is a travel blog. I've decided I'm just bringing along my 50mm lens, because it makes my camera seem less expensive, and is a great, handy lil lens! Man I can't wait to break this rut.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Happy birthday Navinbug! You're officially an adult, and I'm so proud of you and what you've accomplished so far! I love you and buon compleanno  

Monday, August 20, 2012


I've fallen in love with the Italian culture. Well, not really. Basically I just watched the Godfather and became obsessed. I'm also now reading the novel and going through every Al Pacino movie available on Netflix.  But more importantly, I am actually going to Italy in the spring. That's overbearingly exciting. I bought an Italian phrase book, just to get a head start. I'm pretty sure when I'm actually in Italy I'll just die. That's what happens when you get overexcited eight months in advance. You just pop when you finally get there. 

I have yet to find a job, so my days are filled with nothing, and it is killing me. I want to take so many photos of people but I want to become better first. That's difficult because I need subjects in order to practice. Any chance I get I'm photographing mom, dad, navin, and (no offense guys) they are too impatient. I'm signing up for a portfolio development class at MCA. The class will help me get into art school. I am so ready to just go and get on it and yeah. I guess when your days are filled with nothing but leisure you want work and responsibility. Unfortunately, when I finally get a job, I'm gonna want leisure! 

I am so ready for my Europe trip and my move to Portland. After Navin dutifully collects my fragmented remains from Italy's soil (remember I'm going to pop), and glues me back together, we're going to continue on our Europe trip. Switzerland, France. The end. THEN we're going to go home,  pack up, and move to Portland, where I will once again, involuntarily, pop. 

Until then, my little balloon of a body is going to sit on this couch, and be inflated with anticipation and delight and Italian phrases. 

Also, when you're alone with your cat all day, the two of you really bond. I think Arthur's finally appreciating my existence. 
A photo of mi madre. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Man oh man

School has started for everyone else, and I'm gonna be honest, I feel a little left out. I didn't like highschool, I didn't have any friends, I ate in the library at lunch every day, I hated wasting my time waiting, wishing to be out of school. But I feel like everyone's going to some social event (which is a bit true) and I'm not. Believe me, I'm thrilled to be finished, but I kinda just want to see other human beings. 

I've been babysitting everyday, for long hours, and it's killing my soul. I'm think of applying to McDonalds just to do something. These are the days to make money, I understand that. But I am so ready to head on to Europe and then Portland. I shall embrace the cool weather with the largest smile ever. 

I recently did another wedding video, and it's pretty alright in my opinion. You can watch it here.     

I really am itching to take photos, though, with my awesome new cameras. One, I have a Canon 5d M2, and two, I got a Diana+. Both are very exciting, and I just need beautiful ladies to test them with! Well actually, I need to find my skill in it, then invite these ladies for some inspiring, fashion photos. I am also itching to sketch better. It must be this new installment of going to art school. It's makin' me artsy.

 In days like these I really miss my long, gorgeous, blond curls. It's hard looking like a boy. All in all I'm really ecstatic to be out of school, I just want to see people. 
Think I'm goin' a bit crazy

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So I graduated.

And now I am free! 

p.s Arthur ran away today for many many hours, and I was quite bewildered. But she came back eventually. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Calculus kicked my ass.

Seriously, if I didn't have a very supportive teacher, I would not have graduated. I'm not done yet.. I still have two exams to take (and I don't know the subject matter.) But the way the grading system works is they don't average everything. Right now I have a 70 (a passing grade) and nothing can bring that grade down. If I bomb a 300-point exam, and only earn 50 points, then that 70 will rise. It's awesome and I'm so thankful for that. I shall graduate one week from tomorrow! It's been a blast highschool---- not really. Anyway yesterday was the first day in a week that I got to do something other than Calculus. So, I went to the river with Navin to watch/record/photograph the sunset. It's so great to be almost "there", almost done, nearly done. Also happy 19 months with my   little nugget Navin!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Life is weird. It's the summer, and I have yet to do something super productive. Today a few friends and I made some granola, and it was tasty. But what else have I done?
- I have obsessively watched Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
- I have obtained an amazing camera, the Canon 5d Mark II.
- I have played with my cat.
- I have played with tiny kittens.
- I have gone to South Carolina.
- I have babysat a ton.
I'm not too proud of any of it (except the awesome camera!) Calculus is hard and tedious and long and so much crammed in my brain what is this. I HAVE to graduate. There's just so many freaking assignments.

Oh, and Navin has poison ivy, and I'm feeling itchy. This Saturday I'm filming a neat wedding with yoga balls, Amurica, and live music! Hopefully I will get somewhere with this gigantic camera.
Recently I found out that you can only be in Europe for six months. How lame is that? I've declared a life away, and now it has been retracted. So after six months in Europe, perhaps we'll go to Asia or South America. Then we'll come back to Memphis, tie up some loose ends, and maybe move to Portland! This is the plan for now, and it is perfect. Navin + out of Memphis + travel + cool weather + happiness. The future's eons away though... so right now I'll stick to SVU and job hunting.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Last Day of High School

Today was my final day of high school. In reality, I didn't even need to go, but I just had to. I was stuck in two class rooms, three hours each, no exams. My US History teacher is a peculiar man. He dons a full, red beard and wheezes. He missed nine weeks this semester because of an infection he caught. We thought he was gonna die. His exam became optional, but I had studied, so I took a shot at it. He had provided us with a list of fifty things Americans should know about in history. I really only wanted to take the exam so I could a.) prove I studied for once and b.) show my knowledge on Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and the Beat Generation. He didn't ask me that question, sadly. That one on one verbal "exam" lasted five minutes, and he was hardly listening to me the whole time. The rest of the class I did nothing. I had brought a book but then half way into a short story I remembered how boring this book was. Alas, still nothing to do. The bell rings and I search for my beloved, to no avail. I climb up the stairs for the last time, pouting, just to be hit with the stench of a stink bomb. Gross. I walk into French, just to be told the laptop wasn't working and we couldn't watch a movie. My French teacher has more personality than my History teacher. He's like a sassy black girl with loads of testosterone. He makes fun of my socialistic views and how I like to recycle.  Six hours of practically nothing and this guy throwing paper balls at the waste basket. At lunch time my girls came from their school, because they were out early. I tried to smuggle them in, but the system was crackin' down. I can't really explain the three senseless hours in that French class. My teacher was buzzing around, pizza was being devoured, and crappy french pop was playing. I don't know how, but the bell rang. It was done. No more high school. Just one little, eensy bittttty online Calculus course. I've got this. I meet up with Navin, Flan, and Mads. We then aimlessly stand in the parking lot, until we decide on getting frozen yogurt. After that I parted with Navin and we all sat at my house. I started researching my travel plans, just to come to the official rule that one cannot be in Europe of more than six months. So needless to say, I spent the next two hours weeping, staring at my phone, waiting to share the news. Now I'm trapped with these puffy, sore eyes STILL waiting on a call. Cheers to the summer! What am I going to do about traveling? My head aches and I just wanna explore the world. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Another Inconspicuous Post...

Hello, my name is Navin and sometimes I like to sneak around JG's stuff. This one time, she was taking a shower and I rearranged her entire room. I won't do that to her blog, but I will leave this little note for her. It'll be awhile until she realizes it's there...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Foshee Pio Wedding

The morning after prom I was whisked away to Nashville with my mother. Not really whisked, for it was neither heroic nor involuntary. I was to shoot my first wedding. My mother's friend had seen my FRED the band music video ( and wanted me to do the same for her wedding. I shot her wedding and compiled it into a video to a song of her choice. I borrowed a camera and a zoom lens and off to Nashville we went! My mom and I actually had a great time together. We talked nearly the whole way there, with intervals of music (not Modest Mouse or the National, for she is sick of them.) We arrived at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and went to talk to bride. After silently tip-toeing through the building, we went to the hotel, which was cheap and great. At about five we headed off to the venue. I got a lot of great footage. There were two very friendly photographers there. But then, disaster struck. The rain started to fall ten minutes before the wedding was to start. Oh, and it didn't just fall, it poured. The bride was on the verge of ruining her makeup, and the groom had a look of despair on his face. Of course, they hadn't seen each other yet, but the wedding planner decided to have the cocktail party before the actual ceremony. At the little party there were tiny veggie burgers! They were so delicious. 
Then, it was time for the wedding. My mom had been worried that I'd be passive, and not get good shots, but I was running around with the photographers. After the ceremony, there was the reception, with an absolutely fantastic meal. I'm vegetarian, so I got beet raviolo, spaghetti squash, salad, and asparagus. It was amazing. Mom had the same, but with salmon. After dinner was dancing, and then the whole thing was over. We were outside, with sparklers, cheering on the bride and groom as they drove off in a nice vintage car. We were there for about five or six hours total. We walked to our car, and drove back to the hotel. Of course, Mom didn't see the red light, and almost smashed into a cop. Fortunately,  he was too freaked out to stop us and we got a good laugh out of it.  The next day we spent a glorious day at the Opryland mall, exploring stores and eating at the Rainforest Cafe. Over all, it was a great trip, and I made a great video! Here it is:

Jg Bradner Videography, everyone. It's coming along.